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What is Proaplicaciones?

In our company, most of the time dedicated to the development of custom software. Besides this, we support existing applications and also do marketing research for new products that increase business productivity.

Passion in what we do

We are people who enjoy what we do and this directly affects the quality that provides our projects.

Timing control

We rely on various tools to ensure the execution of your project at the right time without delay.

Centralization of concepts

Sometimes, you may not have a complete idea about your project. We help you to structure and establish a clear objective.

Constant Comunication

We strive to make your can see a continuous evolution of your project and keep a constant feedback of what is done against what is expected.

Practices code

Really write good code is as important to the developer as a writer is to use a good language in his book. Therefore, we strive to write quality code with the principles and associated rules.


Certainly, sometimes you can do things to try to project an ineffective method. At that point, we'll advise on the best way, taking into account the latest tools at our disposal.

Work Areas

  • WEB Technologies
  • Python, PHP, Java
  • .NET, C#, Visual Basic 6.0
  • Google Appengine, MongoDB, Heroku
  • Android, NodeJS, AS/400
  • Our own development framework STD


Requirements Analysis and Architecture

We capture all your requirements and took a thorough analysis to centralize these concepts in a clear idea to establish a correct architecture.

  • Software Engineering: We carry out complete modeling to establish an overall vision of the project and its scope (use cases, sequence diagrams, packages, components, ERDs, etc).
  • Software Architecture:Given all the engineering phase, we begin to generate a high-level design establishing the structure of your project.

Design and Modeling

We have within our reach people with high design skills that could capture your greatest ideas. Besides this, we model and build all your application foundation for sustainable and robust.

Development and Support

We use our own framework for the development of projects and also we rely on the latest technologies and services to create robust and maintainable applications. We also provide support for any project after the development that includes a constant and preventive monitoring.

Our Clients

In our experience in the labor market, we have had the opportunity to be part of large projects with well-established in Colombia and multinational companies.

Our Team

Our core team consists of a partnership of three people who have worked together for over three years and have different skills that allow a wide coverage to meet new projects.

Felipe Valdez
Over 12 years of experience in development

Santiago Sánchez
Co-founder and Systems Engineering student
University District “Francisco Jose De Caldas”
Over 3 years of experience in development

Wilfer Figueredo
Co-founder and IT Solutions Analyst
Over 20 years of experience in development and consultainces.

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Send us your resume or GitHub account to or call the phone 3124968693 and make part of our team! *(only for Colombia)


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If you have questions or have a project you want to share with us, please contact us.

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“I am convinced that half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from unsuccessful is perseverance” -Steve Jobs-.

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